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Ziad Alsokary

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  • Experienced Certified Legal Nurse Consultant: I have a broad spectrum clinical experience nationwide which allows me to arrive at a realistic interpretation of the legal case and it's merits. Thorough and detailed interpretation of medical records, documents and medical-legal issues.
  • Cost-Effective: I work with attorneys in selecting the right case and maximizing its value, or assisting the defense in defending their case or mitigating damages. Instead of the attorney's staff taking time to research, organize, screen cases, interview people, and review medical records, then establish causation, duty, liability, and damages, I can do this for them in a very professional manner.
  • Time Efficient: Much of the pre-trial preparation that must be done in medical cases is time-intensive. I have a comprehensive understanding of medical and nursing issues related to the litigation process and can present reports custom designed for the attorney.
  • Resourceful: As Experienced Certified Legal Nurse Consultant I possess a network of medical and professional contacts necessary in the litigation process.
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"Ziad, thank you for your assistance providing litigation support for the recent malpractice case I handled involving stroke related issues. Your knowledge, experience, work ethic and ability to effectively communicate technical medical issues to the court was top notch. In fact, our success in the case was due in large part to your tireless efforts working with me and my clients. Your enthusiasm and knowledge base were superior, and I will absolutely look to you again for litigation support in the future. It was a real pleasure working with you, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again. Thanks Ziad."

Attorney, JB 

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