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Certified Legal Nurse Consultant


Legal Nurse Consulting Services

I had the honor and privilege to work closely with many well known Defense and Plaintiff Law Firms a cross the Nation and Internationally. I have served as the designated Anesthesia, Critical Care, and Nursing Consultant and Expert Witness on the Litigation Team.

For the record, most of the malpractice cases that I have served as consultant or expert on, were high stakes, major multiple medical/nursing malpractice liabilities. The malpractice have resulted in catastrophic injury, ultimately leading to the patients death.

As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant rI work with multiple attorneys and law firms nationwide. My practice and work involves high profile, high risk and complicated medical malpractice cases. Those cases involve multiple liabilities, multiple practitioners, and multiple medical centers across the nation.

As a professional, my role of the legal nurse consultant is to educate attorney-clients about the medical aspects of their cases. My expertise and reputation in Critical Care, Anesthesia, and legal nurse consulting qualifies me to provide attorneys with multiple valuable services as listed below.

  • Review and screen malpractice case case merit
  • Identify applicable standards of care
  • Address any deviations from and adherences to the standards of care
  • Identify and describe all injuries and medical conditions
  • Detailed organization of all medical records and supportive documents
  • Focused Interpretation, translation, summary and analysis of all medical records to develop clear understanding of causation, duty, breach of duty, and damages to the attorneys and non-medical involved parties
  • Extensive review to ensure that all relevant medical records, policies and other documents are obtained for review
  • Locate, interview and screen experts
  • Serve as a liaison between any and all involved parties related to the case: legal professionals, health care professionals, and non-professional participants in the case
  • Collaborate with the attorneys in preparing interrogatory and deposition questions
  • Design and implement trial legal exhibits with the attorneys
  • Research and analyze medical related issues, treatment rendered and standards of care applicable in the case
  • Review and interpret depositions or testimonies
  • Complete and focused written reports to assist the attorneys, hospital legal team, or insurance company in understanding all the medical aspects of the case