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Testimonials for Ziad Alsokary

"Ziad, thank you for your assistance providing litigation support for the recent malpractice case I handled involving stroke related issues. Your knowledge, experience, work ethic and ability to effectively communicate technical medical issues to the court was top notch. In fact, our success in the case was due in large part to your tireless efforts working with me and my clients. Your enthusiasm and knowledge base were superior, and I will absolutely look to you again for litigation support in the future. It was a real pleasure working with you, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again. Thanks Ziad."

Attorney, JB

"Ziad Alsokary is a superb nurse anesthetist with whom I have performed numerous cardiac surgeries. He is extremely capable, very bright, and I am at ease when I see him above the drapes - since I know my patient will be well taken care of. I recommend him without reservation."

Arie Blitz, MD, MBA
Cardiac Surgeon, Consultant, Forensics
JD Candidate

"During all of our times together he has invariably shown himself to be an superlative anesthetist, displaying excellent cognitive, technical, and interpersonal skills, most especially during the most demanding cardiothoracic surgeries.

He has always demonstrated strong moral and ethical character, consistently showing high levels of concern and compassion for his patients. He is a true patient care advocate, always placing his patient’s safety and well being above all else. He is a true team player who is always there to help others."

Patrick Whalen, M.D

"Ziad is a knowledgeable and skilled anesthesia professional who is wholeheartedly commited to his patients and to delivering quality anesthesia. He is a competent clinician who is passionate about the subspecialty of cardiac anesthesia."

Anthony Ferrese
Chief Anesthetist, Salem Regional Medical Center
NorthStar Anesthesia, PA


I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your clinical excellence and involvement in saving the newborns life yesterday. I can only imagine the horror that comes from knowing a baby’s life is ending when these situations occur and due to your professional calm and actions this infant survived.

Thank you is not enough, God Bless you."

Sonya Pease, MD
Chief Medical Officer
TeamHealth Anesthesia

"Ziad is an amazing CRNA. I had the pleasure of working with him at Westchester Medical Center in New York. Not only can he handle the most challenging cases, but is a real team player as well."

Babbett Bridger

"Ziad Alsokary, the only CRNA that I know of who functioned independently within the fields of trauma, cardiac, vascular, neuro, transplant, burn, OB, pediatrics, and infants. His knowledge, judgment and experience were superior, well above that expected of a CRNA. It certainly reflect his years of experience within an ICU setting as does his continued enthusiasm for furthering his education and willingness to participate in any case regardless of exposure to liability, complexity and risk. He is one of only two CRNA’s that I have ever worked with who function at the level of an experienced Cardiac or Trauma Anesthesiologist."

Christos Koutentis, MD, MPH
Attending Anesthesiologist

"Simply stated he is an outstanding CRNA. He is very bright and has a solid fundamental knowledge in anesthesia. He is an honest, hard working and attentive nurse anesthetist. Ziad is of strong moral and ethical character and he shows concern and compassion for his patients. He is a patient care advocate and places his patient’s safety and well being first. His interpersonal relationships are at the highest professional level. He is a true team player who is always there to help others."

Draginja Cvetkovic, MD
Attending Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologist
Professor of Anesthesiology
New York College of Medicine
Westchester University Medical Center

"Ziad acted as the first responder to a case in the cardiac cath lab requiring emergency anesthesia involvement. He was able to comfortably manage this complex case, which required the use of a ventricular assist device. Showing strong ethics and motivation, he stayed many hours past his scheduled shift to complete the case. Ziad is a highly motivated and energetic CRNA who is the ultimate team player."

Timothy O’Shaughnessy, MD
Attending Anesthesiologist
The University of Miami